Cava Stafylos is a new place on Rhodes island! Started for first time at May of 2013 gives the opportunity to the visitor to have a direct touch with our tradition! Here exists a small traditional house of Emponas village, where someone can see the way people used to live many years ago! Next to the house is our distillery for souma. Souma is a local drink made 100% from grapes and everybody can taste it for free! Also here we have olive oil which is our production and honey from local producers here in Empona. After that, visitor can taste for free all the kinds of wines we have here! We produce our wines, collecting grapes from our vineyards, and also we have all the local wines from the small family factories here in the village. Finally, there is a small shop, where there are many souvenirs from Rhodes – herbs and many kinds of cosmetics with olive oil!