Cava Stafylos
Emponas-Rhodes main street 1Km Emponas 85108
Rhodes Dodecanese Greece
Telephone : +30 22460 41462
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Souma Distillery
After seeing the traditional house, visitors can see our distillery, where we make our local drink - souma! It’s a drink made 100% from grapes. We collect the grapes, press it to take the juice of it and then we put it in open barrels for about 15 days to become fermentation. After that, we take the must and put it in the distillery. We put on fire to boil the must and evaporate the alcohol, which exists in the grapes. We wait about two or three hours and then the evaporated alcohol goes through cold water and liquefied….and that’s souma! A natural product, without anything extra! Souma is a strong drink and the alcohol is about 45-50%.!!!